Perfect Nails With Moroccan Argan Oil

argan oil for nailsIt’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence for hairdressers who frequently use Moroccan Argan oil at their salons to notice (with a little surprise) that the same bottle of argan oil that they have in their salon is also sitting on their manicurist’s desk. It really shouldn’t be a surprise, though. Argan oil is one of those beauty supplies that is a panacea for most normal beauty issues, and it can be used in a variety of different ways when it comes to getting beautiful hands and nails.  As a result, this unique oil has become increasingly popular in upscale nail spas throughout the world. Want to learn how to beautify your nails with argan oil? Here are some tips from a pro:

  • A common issue that women face is rough cuticles right around the nail, and it can be caused by a variety of things. All you need to do in order to get rid of rough cuticles is to add a drop of argan oil to each fingertip before you polish your nails. Rub the oil in, and trim the excess cuticle using a cuticle clipper. The rest of your cuticle will be perfectly soft, and barely noticeable. Argan oil is also a great tool for women who have trouble pushing back their cuticles, simply because the moisturizing qualities of argan oil help loosen up cuticle skin.  Wash off the argan oil before you go back to your daily routine.
  • If your nails are brittle, chances are it’s because your nails are simply dry or malnourished. Believe it or not, argan oil can help with this, too. The rich naturally occurring nutrients in argan oil have been shown to help improve both skin and nail quality over time. All you have to do is massage the oil into your nails every day in order to have nails that will grow long and strong for weeks.  You don’t need to use too much oil on your nails in order for them to reap the benefits of the vitamin E that it has naturally, either. All you need is a drop or two per nail. It is worth mentioning that you should do this when you do NOT have nail polish on your fingers. Nail polish actually inhibits a lot of the good enzymes in argan oil from getting absorbed by your nail.
  • If you have nails that “shred” when filed, argan oil can help with that, too. The problem with nails that can’t be filed well is that they are too weak, and that they have absorbed too much water for them to stay strong. Argan oil actually helps keep nails at their optimum moisture level – not too wet, not too dry. As long as you massage your nails with a little oil regularly, your nails should stop tearing when the emery board hits your nail.
  • Sometimes, nail polish has a tendency of chipping or breaking at the worst possible times. This is obviously due to a number of factors – one of them being that the nail polish is drying out to the point that it is losing its ability to withstand nail movement that is typical for people who use their hands. The best way to combat premature chipping or polish breaking is to use argan oil. After you have finished your manicure (or pedicure), let your nails dry. Afterwords, put a little bit of argan oil on top of each of your nails and let the moisture from the oil soak into your nail polish.  This will help keep your polish looking good for days to come, and it will also help your hands smell great!

It’s no wonder why so many upscale nail salons, spas, and hair salons are picking up bottles of Moroccan argan oil. This unique beauty wonder potion has a way of fixing almost every major issue that professionals in the industry run into, and it’s remarkably easy for anyone to use.  And, if it’s good enough for the best spas on Earth, it’s good enough for anyone, really. So if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of argan oil as soon as you can – your nails will be sure to thank you.

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Argan Oil Care Uses pt.1: Argan Oil for Skin

Argan oil for skin careDealing with acne and acne marks as an adult, will make anyone feel frustrated; but there is finally a solution for this oppressive problem: Argan oil for skin care. If your’e over 25 and suffer from acne and pimples, a natural and organic product would possibly be the solution to your age-old skin dilemma. The secret is already out and the answer to the skin imperfections is Argan oil.

Argan oil skin care is not really a scientific breakthrough; this skin care regimen has been the secret of Berber women in Morocco over centuries. They are known for their luscious, soft and fair-looking skin that is the envy of us all, but you can have a pretty similar kind of skin too with the use Argan oil skin care regimen. Here are several benefits of this organic oil on skin:

•    Argan oil for acne scars – acne is a double-edged sword; it will make you look ugly and leaves deep scars that will make you remember for the rest of your life! Argan oil has unique properties that can help reduce the appearance of acne and pimple scars while help to improve the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Regular use will make your skin look fairer with acne marks almost gone.

•    Argan oil for pimples – skin breakouts like pimples are very embarrassing especially when you are an adult; you can prevent future skin breakouts with Argan oil. This oil contains vitamin E and carotenoids that can improve the skin’s ability to heal and improves skin cell health. Healthy skin cells equals less prone to breakouts giving you clear, pimple-free skin for years to come!

•    Argan oil for eczema – skin plagued with eczema is itchy, elevated, inflamed and sometimes very dry to touch. Moisturizers in Argan oil will help improve the skin’s overall moisture content and supplies the skin with rich vitamins that can effectively heal and rejuvenate skin. Eczema is a skin condition that has been associated with over drying of skin and you can use this oil to help manage irritating eczema symptoms any day.

•    Argan oil for wrinkles – wrinkles, age spots, skin discoloration and sun spots can cause your skin to appear lifeless, aging and dull. With the amazing properties of Argan oil, you can combat the signs of aging naturally without the need to undergo expensive surgical and clinical treatments. Just a drop of this oil on your skin will gradually improve the appearance of aging skin; it will become glowing, youthful and soft to touch.

Your skin is the body’s initial defense to sickness and its elements, so take extra time to care it the best you can. Argan oil is applied onto skin once or twice a day; it is preferred you use a warm hand to massage two to three drops of oil on the affected area. You may also add this oil to bath water as a refreshing soak. Get the skin care you have always wanted with Argan oil for skin and experience great, youthful-looking skin.

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How To Remove Blackheads Using Argan Oil

blackhead removal with argan oilArgan oil has become the little secret of many – from models and hairdressers through stylists, fashionista and to anyone else who really wants to look stellar all the time. This unique oil has been used in the Middle East for thousands of years as a conditioner for hair of all types. Argan oil has become a very popular and even trendy addition to any deep conditioning treatment, as well as as any decent shampoo meant for dry hair. It’s easy to see why it’s become so popular once it was introduced to the West – it’s highly effective, works well with any hair type, and even smells nice naturally!

Even though it has only been really discovered by mainstream beauty fans very recently, Argan oil has been a choice remedy for people in the fashion industry for decades. In the West, people who use Argan oil do so as a moisturizing treatment for their hair, especially if it’s dry, color-treated, or otherwise damaged. It’s no wonder why many shampoo, conditioner, and hair styling products now proudly tout the fact that they have Argan oil as a main ingredient in their formulas!

However, what most people who are new to using Argan oil do not know is that it also happens to be an excellent tool on the fight against acne – especially blackheads. Blackheads (officially known as Comedones) are tiny black bumps that often appear on dry or overly oily faces. It’s a form of acne that is common in teens as well as adults. For most people, this seems quite counter-intuitive, and for good reason. Still, once you learn how Argan oil helps prevent and eliminate most acne, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been using it on your face before.

Argan Oil For Blackheads – Oil Against Oil!

Most people would never guess that Argan oil can be used as a treatment for blackheads, simply because blackheads (as well as all acne) are associated with oily skin. Adding more oil to already oily skin seemingly would exacerbate the problem even more than what initially started the issue, right? However, not all oil is made alike, and some oil is way better for your skin than others. Argan oil is one of those oils that is exceptionally good for both your hair and skin.

Oily skin is actually a sign that your sebaceous gland (also known as oil gland) production is not balanced. Your skin is producing way too much oil for it to handle well, and as a result, your pores are getting clogged faster. The key to get rid of blackheads is the same as it is with other forms of acne – you need to balance out your skin. Oil glands will react to the right kinds of oil – such as Argan oil – and will slow down your skin’s oil production as a result. Dermatologists that specialize in natural methods of reducing acne love Argan oil because of the fact that it has a natural balancing ability.

But what if you have blackheads and you have dry skin? Well, Argan oil is a moisturizer. Moisturizers help dry skin compensate for the lack of oil production, and occasionally jumpstart oil glands into working correctly. Unlike other moisturizers on the market, Argan oil is 100% natural, and also doesn’t clog pores. It’s plant-based, and cruelty free. Since it’s been used for thousands of years, it also has a long track record of success that most lab-made moisturizers will never be able to boast about.

What makes Argan oil unique among natural moisturizers isn’t its great track record alone. What makes Argan oil the best pick for people who want to have clear skin is the fact that it works, and has a very attractive scent that will make people want to nuzzle you closely for hours. Sounds a lot better than olive oil, milk, or egg masks, doesn’t it?

Argan Oil As Blackhead Remover

If you are ready to use Argan oil against your blackhead problem, make sure to buy a bottle of pure Argan oil. Do not get any store-created moisturizers with other additives or chemicals. After all, Argan oil is best in its most pure form.

You shouldn’t need more than a tablespoon of oil for your face and shoulders. Simply rub the oil onto your palms and massage it into your face and shoulders slowly. Let the oil sink into your skin. After a couple of hours, your skin will feel and smell great.

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Argan Oil Care Uses pt.3: Argan Oil for Face – A Step by Step Process

argan oil for face illustarion

photo by falcon writing

Argan oil for face blemishes and skin imperfections, and is a truly great way to remove common and uncommon face skin problems. You may have already heard that pure Argan oil can treat acne, pimples, skin dryness, eczema, psoriasis and fight skin aging. But do you actually know how to use this kind of oil?

If this is the first time you are using Argan oil for face, then read on for a step by step procedure to use the oil properly. You may chose to add these steps to your regular skin care regimen and replacing your traditional skin care products with Argan oil for skin treatments. So without further ado, here is how to use Argan oil for acne scars and other conditions of the facial skin described in a step by step procedure:

1.    If you are using Argan oil for the face, warming the oil is the most important part of the process. Place just the right amount of oil that you need on a small glass container and cover; with a bowl or a basin of warm water, place the glass with oil in the middle. This will gradually heat the oil up.

2.    Clean your skin with a gentle facial cleanser and a soft face towel. Carefully scrub your face, pay attention to dry areas of the face like the temples, the cheeks, the tip of the nose and possibly the neck and nape of the neck. Rinse and pat dry with a soft towel.

3.    Place a small drop of warm Argan oil on the tips of your fingers and with small circular strokes; apply the oil on the affected areas. Fine lines and wrinkles may appear on the forehead, edges of the eye area, the lower lid and in the edges of the lips. Place moderate pressure as you massage the warmed oil on these areas.

4.    Allow the oil to stay on the face; Argan oil is never greasy but light and easily absorbed by the skin. You may choose to rinse any oily residue after an hour or two and if possible, free your skin from makeup after your Moroccan oil treatment.

5.    You may choose to repeat this treatment as often as you want, but be very careful not to use the oil on broken or overly inflamed skin. You may do this treatment every weekend when you are not supposed to apply makeup for work.

6.    Throw away any extra oil that has been warmed; this is important since you already have stirred the oil’s natural properties, therefore warm only the right amount of oil that you intend to use.

7.    Argan oil benefits for face care will gradually make your face fairer and clearer, but shielding your face from the sun is very important as well. Although this oil also offers some form of sun protection, it is still very important to cover up especially in the intense hours of the morning. You may wear additional sunscreens; use an umbrella or a large brimmed hat to effectively shield you from the sun’s UVB and UVA rays.

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Prevent Hair Loss With Argan Oil – Is It Possible?

argan oil for hair loss problemsArgan oil is known as one of the best traditional natural remedies for hair loss. Its nourishing properties can maintain the hair and scalp in a healthy condition. Hair shows instant response to Argan oil treatment as it absorbs this oil immediately and does not coat itself as an outer layer like other hair care products. This miraculous natural product assists in hair growth, reduce the rate of falling hair, cures the problem of split ends, restores health to damaged hair and conditions hair to make it more manageable.

How can Argan oil slow the hair loss rate?

Argan oil can be used to slow down the hair loss rate by proper massage on the scalp on a regular basis.

  • Massage nourishment: Massaging Argan oil on the scalp provides nourishment to the scalp and improves blood circulation. This enhanced blood circulation can boost the hair follicles and prevent further damage. Their hydrating properties moisturize the scalp and prevent dryness which aid in further hair growth.
  • Treats dandruff condition: One of the common reasons of hair loss is the presence of dandruff on the scalp. Argan oil is highly beneficial for dandruff problems as it helps the hair follicles from getting clogged. The oil also replenishes the hair scalp and remove dandruff, thus preventing hair loss.
  • Moisturizing properties: Dehydration of the scalp can also cause dry and flaky skin on the head and cause hair loss. Argan oil supports the scalp and provides necessary nourishment to moisturize it and prevents drying. The hair roots get stronger on regular usage and prevent the follicles from getting loose, thereby preventing hair loss. It also restores the hair structure and repairs the split ends excellently.
  • Regenerate damaged hair cells: Argan oils are rich in vitamin E, which is an excellent antioxidant. The antioxidant protects the hair from free radicals and prevents any kind of damage by the environment. Many cosmetic chemical treatments like hair color, perming and straightening processes damage the hair and its structure. Argan oil has wonderful properties to prevent this kind of damage from cosmetic procedures on the hair. It can protect the hair against aggressive factors and helps in maintaining healthy and strong hair.

  • Removal of hair frizziness: Frizzy and brittle hair is porne to breakages and can be a cause for hair loss. Argan oil penetrates deep into the hair fiber and softens the cuticles. It helps them to settle flat and leave the hair smooth, soft and lustrous.
  • Split end treatment: Split ends can be the result of various factors like malnutrition, over processing, ultraviolet damage and lack of moisture. Argan oil provides the much needed vitamins and fatty acids to revive the hair and moisturize it adequately. Well-nourished hair is the only solution to prevent split ends.

To conclude, you should definitely try this miraculous Moroccan oil to maintain a healthy, shiny, thick appearance. Argan oil treatment can be used as a massage oil, pre-shampoo usage, post shampoo treatment, deep conditioner, leave-on hair treatment and as a spray for instant remedy for frizzy hair.

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Special Precautions when Using Moroccan Oil Shampoo

moroccan oil shampoo resultsMoroccan oil shampoo is one of the most advanced hair care treatments available. It will not just make your hair clean but it will also make it shinier, bouncy, with more volume and strong and resistant to breaking. Moroccan oil or Argan oil as it’s called by many, can even treat hair thinning, hair brittleness and may also be a long term solution to hair loss.

But along with those use of organic Argan Oil, there are special precautions to women and men who will use it. If you are using it for skin or hair conditions, it’s best to learn more about Moroccan Oil shampoo before actually using it:

1.    Moroccan oil shampoo is unlike other shampoos; regular use will actually make you look younger with a whole new head of hair. However, hair loss and thinning of hair may be due to many health conditions that may not be addressed by using a hair loss product. If you are plagued by hair loss due to a medical condition, talk to your doctor first before trying Moroccan oil for hair shampoos.

2.   There are several conditions of the scalp that must be addressed first before using Moroccan Oil shampoo, such as open wounds, scalp inflammation and scalp flare outs as a result of allergies and hypersensitivity to certain foods. Consult a dermatologist for the best solution to your scalp problems. Do not use any natural hair treatment unless your dermatologist confirms it.

3.    Eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions must be treated beforehand. Get professional consult for your skin and hair conditions separately to be able to get the most appropriate treatment possible.

4.    After using Argan oil for hair, a natural sheen is mostly seen on the top most layer of hair. Protect your hair with sunscreen for hair or you may wear a wide brimmed hat or a cap to physically shield your hair from the elements.

5.    Regular use of Argan oil for hair care may be done daily or you may use this treatment once a week. It is guaranteed that you will get healthier and easyer to manage hair in no time at all.
After treatment, refrain from applying too much pressure on your hair. Avoid tight ponytails and braids that significantly pull the hairs from their follicles.

6.    The use of Moroccan oil may not apply to everyone – studies show that there is still a small number of the population that may be allergic to Argan oil. If you have highly sensitive  or delicate skin, you need to contact your doctor to find the best alternative to Argan oil. If after using the oil  you developed itching, pain or extreme dryness on the affected area, discontinue use and contact your dermatologist. Therefore, take extra effort in determining if you are hypersensitive to any product by using it on a small patch of skin located on the lower arm.

Any concerns about Argan oil for hair are natural and online sites that sell Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner products are of course the best way to get more information about the uses of this magnificent oil.

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Argan Oil For Wrinkles

avoid those wrinkles with argan oil...Argan oil is a wonderful cosmetic tool for anyone and any body that wants to bring out the very best in their looks. It’s been used for centuries as a hair styling product, an all-natural acne medication, and a superb moisturizer for hair, nails, and skin. Its fabulous alluring scent has also been reason enough for many perfume fiends to snatch bottles of Argan oil off shelves worldwide. Traditionally used as a pure oil, modern cosmetics groups have begun to add this ancient beauty panacea to hair products, makeup, and lotions of all sorts.

With its beautiful scent, the luxurious way it glides on, and the natural nutrients that help nourish hair and skin, Argan oil has earned its place as one of the very best all-around beauty products in history. It’s a favorite of teens, but strangely enough, not many older adults have heard about the great properties this oil holds. This is a big shame, since many aging men and women could seriously benefit from the fact that it is a great tool for getting rid of (and preventing) wrinkles.

All Natural Wrinkles Protection

Naturally, one could say that all moisturizers are great protection against wrinkles. After all, moisturizers are known for helping skin stay youthful and supple. Dry skin has always been more prone to wrinkling and premature aging. So, aside from the obvious fact that Moroccan oil is a natural moisturizer, what else sets it aside? What makes Argan so great when it comes to avoiding wrinkles when compared to any other oil or moisturizer on the market?

One of the biggest reasons why Argan oil is so much better than other oils is because it’s 100% natural. You don’t have to worry about cancer-causing chemicals tainting your cosmetics if you are using it. It’s tried, tested and true, as people have been using it as a secret to a smooth face for centuries, and there’s even documentation to prove it.

Antioxidants Blaster

Another reason why Argan oil is such a popular choice for anti-aging fans is because it’s basically a bottle filled with antioxidants. Argan oil has an abundance of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and a slew of fatty acids that have been proven to combat cancer, wrinkles, and other health issues. The way that Argan oil is made also allow for easier absorption of the antioxidants in the oil itself. Its thin, silky, and always soft texture is a sign that it will be absorbed easily through skin.

Argan oil is a top tier wrinkle reducer also because of the fact that it doesn’t have any bad side effects. It will not make your skin dry out once you stop using it, nor will it clog pores. There are very, very few people who are allergic to the main ingredient of Argan oil, and allergic reactions to the oil itself are basically unheard of. People with sensitive skin never have a problem using it, nor do people who have skin that is prone to cysts. It’s as user-friendly as skincare can get.

Argan Oil As An Anti-Aging Regimen

Ready to use Argan oil as a part of your anti-aging regimen? There are several ways to get the great benefits of Argan oil – choose the one that makes the most sense for you!

Most people love to use it as a massage oil for their face. A dollop of oil will be enough to cover your face and shoulders, and it will leave you feeling as fresh as can be thanks to the great scent it has. This is your best option if you are really worried about wrinkles and want to stay wrinkle-free as long as possible. After all, more antioxidants can get absorbed into your skin if you use more of it. Rubbing the oil in gently also helps ensure that you are getting the most out of your oil.

Another less popular way of reaping the wrinkle-free benefits of Argan oil is by adding some oil to your favorite moisturizer. This is a good option for people who aren’t ready to make the switch to pure oil for their moisturizer, as well as people who simply want to give the oil a test run first before they apply it in a larger amount. You won’t get as much of the perks as you would with pure oil, but the fact is that you are still going to see some benefit to the subtle change in your lotion.

No matter how you use Argan oil on your face skin, chances are that you will be happy with the way your skin feels by the end of a week or two. Its time-tested track records shows that this oil has proven itself great for many, many years.

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Argan Oil Benefits are Too Many to Mention…

Argan Oil BenefitsHearing about all the Argan oil benefits makes you want to try out the product in an instant! There are definitely too many advantages to mention; If you have been looking for the right, natural product to use for your hair and skin care dilemmas then you better check out the following list of benefits of Argan oil:

•    Anti-aging – Argan oil use for face and wrinkles are the most popular cosmetical uses of this miraculous organic oil. It has a high level of tocopherols (vitamin E) and antioxidants that can reduce damage of harmful free radicals reducing the progress of skin aging. Aside from these natural properties, the saponins found in Argan oil will help moisturize dry and blemished skin leading to a more youthful and healthy-looking skin.

•    Healing – there are skin conditions that may be treated with natural and organic Argan oil. This oil has triterpenoids that can help heal and protect skin. You can use this oil for healing old and new scars; reduce skin inflammatory conditions like eczema and psoriasis and common skin conditions like pimples and acne. It has been noted that regular use of Argan oil will help reduce skin blemishes and can deal with ugly acne and pimple marks.
This natural oil has 80% unsaturated fatty acids that can resist natural cell oxidation as compared to olive oil. Sterolins in this oil can also help improve the metabolism of skin, reduce inflammation and possibly improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

•    Protecting – the natural property of Argan oil to protect skin, hair and nails are extraordinary indeed. When used regularly, it can heal damaged tissues and partially healed ones like scars. It can add a layer onto skin to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun as well as a disinfectant layer that will keep pollution, toxins and microorganisms out.

•    Medicinal – benefits of Argan oil extend to as far as treating common and not so common skin and hair problems. It contains plant sterols that can reduce inflammation and can even have anti-cancer properties. This oil may also be beneficial in facilitating digestion by increasing pepsin and gastric juice concentration.
There are studies regarding the positive effects of Argan oil in arthritis and rheumatism because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It may also be effective in reducing cholesterol levels, improving systemic blood circulation and can even strengthen the body’s immune system.
Certain skin conditions like chicken pox, psoriasis and eczema are no match to the benefits of Argan oil and there are even products that contain Argan oil for reducing stretch marks in pregnancy and in weight loss.

•    Other uses – Argan oil is also known to have aphrodisiac properties and may even be effective as a medicinal and energy tonic. Traditional people from Morocco have been known to use this organic oil as a way to rejuvenate their interest and sexual pleasure; it is also effective in improving overall energy and vigor after a long day of work.

Benefits of Argan oil are too many to mention and in fact, advantages of this organic oil are still being discovered up to this day.
There is no doubt that this oil will be known as one of the most effective natural treatments for most skin and hair conditions as well as other health problems instead of using chemicals that can harm your health. (read more on wikipedia)

Did You Know? Argan Oil Has the Highest Levels of Vitamin E

The Argan nut is where Argan oil is derived; the Argan tree on the other hand is a majestic plant that can survive for two to five centuries making it a very valuable inheritance for future generations. The benefits of this Moroccan oil will certainly be used for generations to come.

Argan oil, also known as Moroccan Oil , is derived from the careful processing or Argan nuts by pressing; naturally the oil will keep for 3 to 6 months without any preservatives and it is considered Argan oil with the highest levels of vitamin E. Obtaining the highest quality oil is a blessing to anyone who would like to take advantage of pure Argan oil benefits. So as a word of caution; only buy from reputable dealers and manufacturers to get the best out of Argan oil benefits. (read more on

Check out this great video, documenting the making of pure ogranic Argan Oil!

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Argan Oil For Acne Scars – Smooths Your Face Skin The Natural Way

argan oil for acne scars treatment

Argania spinosa is the scientific name for Argan tree – taken its roots from Morocco, the reason that argan oil is named many times Moroccan oil. Because of our age’s technology, these days Argan oil is extracted by high tech machines that ease a whole load process of its extraction. Argan is mainly utilized for medicinal and cosmetic purposes due to its famous history of healing acne and removing certain facial defects.

Similarly, Argan is a rich source of vitamin E which is used regularly in a number of skincare products. One major feature of Argan oil that makes it ideal for facial defects, is its ability to decrease, weaken and sometimes eliminate the facial imperfections like blemishes, defects and acne. Reinventing aging is one component of Argan that is ranked very highly in the treatment of acne.

How Argan Oil can help removing Acne?

Before we’ll have a look at how Argan plays the role of healing acne, it is equally important we know how these scars occur and their impact if not treated or attended to. The main reason why acne occurs is because the sebaceous glands located in the skin produce sebum that is responsible for the nourishment and moisturizing of the skin. More sebum (production of sebum by the sebaceous glands) results in the blockage of pores located in the skin’s surface. This leads to the growth of bacteria on the clogged pores that encourage the formation of blackheads, pimples and eventually acne (more).

One of the best natural ways to permanently cure acne is the usage of Argan oil; As I stated earlier, the uses of argan are diverse as this oil is capable of healing a number of health complications related to the skin. While over the counter medications might not work successfully when it comes to healing of acne, the usage of Argan might make all the difference. And as the problem of acne is as a result of excess sebum production, Argan comes in to reduce the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. Consequently, this leads to unclogging of pores and hence reducing the chances of acne appearing. As one uses this oil daily, there is the promotion of balance production of sebum leading to a complete elimination of acne irritating imperfections.

Picking The Right Product

Is Argan oil extracted from Moroccan trees similar to the one available in the market today? Well, the two have one difference; During the refining process of Argan, a lot of heating takes place leading to lost nutritional value of this component. However original organic Moroccan Argan oil would be a perfect option for healing acne as it contains all valuable components important for healing this skin defect. Although the Moroccan oil might be very good for other skin imperfections, cold pressed oil or 100% Argan oil would be the BEST option, as pure Argan is truely beneficial in reducing the excessive sebum production by sebaceous glands and hence unclogging the pores that lead to acne.

Argan Oil for Acne Scars Treatment

In many cases  acne might be cleared away leaving ugly spots. These spots might be very irritating and are possible of attracting undesired attention. Fortunately as time passes, the scars disappear restoring the natural appearance of the skins. This is definitely good news for acne victims. Although the case is so, daily usage of pure Argan oil is recommended .Also, it is not advisable to combine this oil with other skin care oil, shampoos or even regular make ups. Reason being that when Argan mixes with other chemicals, a harmful substance might result making it less effective or even more destructive.

Application of Argan involves washing the face carefully with mild soap and the applying Argan oil twice a day. For very successful results, continue applying Argan until the acne after heal spots disappear completely. Failure to do so might lead to the re-occurrence of similar spots or even worst ones. For regular acnes, two weeks would be enough but some may go up to two months before the complication ends. It is often advisable to seek the doctor’s advice after two months of Argan usage without any success. This is because the skin complication might be anything wild and more serious than acne itself.

Needless to say, a good appearance is vital for boosting ones self esteem as well as confidence. For those still struggling with acne, your cure is finally here; Now move out and show the world what argan had in store for you!

* Photo by Saluda UdeA

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Argan Oil – The Magic Moroccan Beauty Formula

argan oil nutsUnderneath the dark and black veils that Moroccan women wear, is luscious, radiant and youthful skin; What do women from Morocco have that Western females don’t? This is exactly what many are wondering when they meet native Moroccan women – they are very attractive and downright alluring, and if you’ll investigate particularly about their beauty skin and hair care, you’l discover that their secret is none other than Argan Oil.

Moroccan Oil – The Breakthrough

You may have never heard of Argan Oil (also called Moroccan Oil), but in Morocco, Argan oil benefits are very well known. This amazing oil was thought to be the beauty secret of most women of the Berber people, which is an indigenous ethnic group in Morocco. Berber women are known for their amazing beauty, youthful skin and glowing complexion and using Argan oil for skin care was one of their well-kept secrets untill recent years. It is also revealed that organic Argan oil was also used for hair and nail care.

Argan oil / Moroccan oil treatments are most recommend by locals. But what Argan oil is exactly and where does it come from? Originally, the Berbers collected partially digested pits of the Argan nut from goat’s waste. These were ground and pressed to make oil paste which was used for the treatment of many skin and hair conditions like eczema, scars, acne even chicken pox. Of course that modern manufacturing methods are now used which process the kernels or the pits of the Argan nuts to create pure Argan oil.

The Argan tree was once abundant in North Africa is now found only in a small area in Morocco. This area close to the Atlas Mountains is where Moroccan Berbers still thrive to this day. UNESCO has designated the area between the Atlantic and Atlas Mountains as a reserve to protect the remaining Argan trees; this basically makes Argan oil very rare and very high quality indeed. Most Argan oil suppliers obtain their raw materials from local cooperatives and since Moroccan oil benefits are slowly being recognized all over the world, the demand is gradually increasing as well.

Main Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil has so many amazing benefits but little is known about it in the Western world. Here are some of its one-of-a-kind benefits:

•    Skin care – Argan oil is known to have natural anti-ageing properties; pure Argan oil is rich in freulic acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, sterols, saponins and polyphones that are ideal to make skin healthier look younger and feel softer. The organic oil is also high in vitamin E and anti-oxidants that are very important in keeping skin cells healthier and combat early signs of aging.
Argan oil for skin is also known to be effective to treat acne, pimples and remove acne scars and blemishes. Regular use of Argan oil skin care products will also help remove scars, wrinkles, ugly stretch marks and even restore the natural health and beauty of your skin.

•    Hair care – Argan oil has moisturizing properties that can help revive dry and damaged hair. You may try Moroccan oil shampoo which is made of natural oils from the Argan nuts; this shampoo is known to treat hair and scalp conditions with also amazing restorative properties to hair follicles. It may also help men and women who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair.

•    Nail care – Argan oil may be applied onto nails which can treat dry, brittle and cracking nails. Its moisturizing properties penetrate the nail bed giving your nails and hands a healthier and younger appearance.

Needless to say that Argan oil is now out in the market with several suppliers selling different kinds of products for hair, skin and nail care. And if you want to use organic and natural products, you need to trust your supplier or retailer to make sure you are getting pure organic oil free from additives and preservatives.

An Argan oil dilemma

So now that the incredible secret is out, how do you get high quality organic Argan oil? As mentioned earlier, this oil is rare and only a few suppliers are selling pure Argan oil. Should you stock up on Argan nuts or travel to Morocco?

Checking out retailers and manufacturers online, you will learn that there are so many sites that are taking advantage of people who are looking for Argan oil, and with the benefits of Argan oil out in the open, so are the many fake and very expensive imitations that are sold all around the world. You may have fears of buying online, since the risks of using a fake product may cost you your health; in every natural skin care use, careful research is still the best course of action to take.

When looking for the best, high quality Argan oil, take care to check these out first:

1.    The retailer/manufacturer/supplier’s experience and possibly years of being in business. Find company information that will help you look for reviews and testimonials from consumers online.

2.    Read the product’s ingredient’s list, it must contain only pure organic Argan oil and nothing more.

3.    Look for ISO certification, which means that the oil was manufactured in a safe and clean process which has the highest standards anywhere.

4.    Be wary of products which may be diluted Argan oil together with other less expensive oils.

So are you ready to look like Moroccan women? With Argan oil as your special “secret beauty regimen”, the future looks absolutely positive for all women. May all women be as beautiful as they want to be and have youthful and glowing hair and skin; and as they say in Morocco: “Marhaban to youthful and glowing skin with amazing Argan oil!”.

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